5 Best GPS Trackers For Car in 2022

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LocoNav, Intelli Eco, SeTrack, OneLap Micro Plus, AutoWiz – Monitor and track your vehicle’s location with the best GPS trackers for car!

What Is A GPS Tracking System?

A GPS (Global Positioning System) tracking system comprises a portable device, the location of which can be monitored by a network of satellites! When fixed to your car, GPS Tracking Device For Car can be used to monitor the location, direction and speed of your vehicle. It can also help you to safeguard your vehicle from theft.

Top 5 GPS Tracking Devices For Cars

1. LocoNav GPS Tracker

  • LocoNav GPS Tracker runs and manages vehicles using a single platform.
  • It tracks the location of your vehicle and also sends live alerts for over-speeding, entry or exit points, maintenance alerts and more!
  • You can track the vehicle health and mileage depending on the distance covered at a specific time interval.
  • You can check its real time location.
  • The software of LocoNav enables you to remotely lock your vehicle!
  • If you have a driver for your car,  you can check fuel consumption, idle time and other parameters.

2. Intelli Eco GPS Tracker

  • The Intelli Eco GPS Tracker helps you to monitor your car using a multi-lingual mobile application.
  • Intelligent real-time GPS tracking.
  • Location sharing through WhatsApp
  • Alerts for instances like overspeeding, unauthorised access, etc
  • The tracker provides trip reports for the last 90 days.
  • You can also check the ignition status on your mobile phone with a monthly subscription pack.
  • You can install and set up the device easily by yourself.

3. SeTrack GPS Tracker

SeTrack GPS Tracker is a waterproof and lightweight hidden GPS tracker for cars.

  • It uses a highly sensitive GPS chip and advanced software
  • It not only tracks your vehicle but also gives timely updates about your car.
  • It acts as an anti-theft alarm when you switch to safety mode. 
  • You can also switch off your car’s ignition remotely using a smartphone.
  • You can get updates like mileage, speed, idle time, speed, and more.

4. OneLap Micro Plus

OneLap Micro Plus is a compact, water-resistant GPS tracking and security device.

  • It provides your driving history, speed, mileage, and other metrics for the past 90 days.
  • It tracks the location of your car upto 10 meters.
  • It has a tracking sensitivity of 165dBm and capture the sensitivity of 148dBm and can operate within a temperature range of -25°C to 75°C.
  • It also acts as an anti-theft alarm and you can get alerts for ignition, geofence boundaries, overspeeding, etc., on your phone.
  • It is easily installable.

5. AutoWiz

AutoWiz is a highly efficient and useful diagnostic and surveillance tool.

  • It offers real-time tracking of your car, gives live location, checks the speed, checks the past trip details and more.
  • It alerts you of unsafe or excess idle time to ensure safety.
  • It alerts you about unnecessary driving actions and helps you reduce the expense.
  • You can easily install the device.
  • It helps you to get a geo-fence alert when your car exits or enters it.
  • The device monitors the engine’s health to avoid an unexpected breakdown.

GPS Tracking Devices Price List

LocaNav GPS Tracker₹ 3,499
Intelli Eco GPS Tracker₹ 2,990
SeTrack GPS Tracker₹ 1,599
OneLap Micro Plus₹ 3,690
AutoWiz₹ 6,990

Invest in one of the best GPS trackers for car in India to check on your car and safeguard it!

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