Top Rated Electric Bikes in USA 2022

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Top Rated Electric Bikes in USA 2022

With The Hike In The Price Of Motor Fuel, It Is The Best Time For You To Get An Electric Motorbike!

There are numerous electric motorcycles, motorbikes, and scooters in the market operated by electric motors with durable batteries. The top brands offer excellent speed and superior performance with zero emissions. A price for electric bikes in USA is higher than a petrol bike because it is less expensive to use! You need a license to ride an electric motorbike.  You also need some practice to handle an electric vehicle which is noise free and pollution free. It also delights you with a lower running cost compared to fuel-based motorbikes

Here is the List of Top Ten Electric Motorbikes in USA 2022

1. Energica Ego+

Are you a diehard admirer of a sportbike? Energica Ego+ would be the best electric motorcycle for you! It offers 170 horsepower, top speed of 150mph, range of 261 miles which is really mind blowing.

Energica Ego, with its trellis frame, Marzocchi USD forks, cast aluminium wheels, and Brembo brakes at both ends would serve as the most appropriate bike for a race track!

2. Arc Vector

Do you prefer a vehicle with futuristic design and awesome specifications? Arc Vector is the electric bike for you! The bike offers 133 horsepower, top speed of 124 mph, range of 270 miles and can be charged in just 40 minutes.

It offers advanced Human Machine Interface (HMI) and HUD-based Arc Pilot System. The monocoque chassis has Ohlins TTX mono shocks with Brembo Stylema brakes at both ends!

3. Damon Hyperfighter

Do you want the world’s most electrifying motorcycle? You should make the Damon Hyperfighter yours! The bike offers 200 horsepower, top speed of 170 mph, range of 146 miles with 20kWh battery.

 It offers cutting-edge technology and lets you adjust the handlebar and footpeg position on the ride. The 360-degree cameras alert you about dangerous objects and vehicles.

4. Lightning LS-218

Do you wish to ride the world’s fastest electric motorbike? Get on the Lightning L5-218! The bike offers 200 horsepower, top speed of 218 mph, range of 120 miles with 12 kWh battery which can be charged in 2 hours.

It gives you a superspeed of 0 to 60 mph in 2.2 seconds! The Ohlins FGRT forks, Ohlins TTX monoshock, and forged aluminum wheels are the other attractions.

5. Tarform Luna

Are you a fanatic of retro-futuristic looking eco-friendly bike? Then, you have the Tarform Luna waiting for you! The bike offers 55 horsepower, top speed of 120 mph, range of 120 miles with 10 kWh battery which can be charged in 80% in 50 minutes.

The bike is painted with recycled materials which is a unique feature. The digital circular instrument cluster with HD display, all-LED lighting, a 180-degree rearview camera, three riding modes, smartphone connectivity via Bluetooth and keyless ignition are the salient features.

6. Evoke 6061

Do you want to experience the ultimate electric power on a bike ride? If yes, go for the Evoke 6061! The bike offers 160 horsepower, top speed of 142 mph, range of 292 miles with 25 kWh battery which can be charged up to 80% in just 15 minutes.

The bike is an electric cruiser. This Beijing-based Electric bike has a large battery and a highly efficient 120kW motor, making it the winner in top speed up to 142 mph.

7. Super Soco TC

Do you need a retro-stylish commuter electric bike? Super Soco TC is the best electric bike for you! The bike offers ~4 horsepower, top speed of 45 mph, range of 60 miles with 45 Ah (2.7 kWh) battery which can be charged in 7-8 hours.

LED lights, keyless ignition, anti-theft alarm, and a semi-digital instrument cluster are the special features.

8. Axxis Liion

Do you wish to buy an Electric Supermoto? Axxis Liion, the Portugal based E-bike should be your choice! The bike offers 134 horsepower, top speed of 124 mph, range of 155 miles with 12kWh battery which can be charged in 150 minutes.

The Slovenian Patented Emrax motor, Öhlins rear Shock, rear single sided swing-arm, Brembo brakes, Controller fixed on aluminum battery and the aluminum battery space which serves as the cooling space for the controller are the unique features.

9. Zero SR/F

Are you a beginner who is interested in buying an easily ridable highly powerful sporty bike? Go ahead and buy the Zero SR/F. The bike offers 110 horsepower, top speed of 124 mph, range of 100-160 miles with 14.4 kWh battery which can be charged in 1 hour for 95%.

Fully adjustable Showa Big Piston forks and Showa monoshock with Pirelli Rosso III tires are the important features. Ride modes, LED lighting, TFT instrumentation and smartphone connectivity are the modern features.

10. Harley-Davidson LiveWire

Do you prefer buying a modern Electric motorcycle manufactured by a traditional company? If yes, Harley Davidson Livewire should be your choice. The bike offers 100 horsepower, top speed of 95 mph, range of 146 miles with 15.5 kWh battery which can be charged in 8 hours.

Showa has offered the aluminium chasis, front forks and a rear monoshock with full adjustability. The monoblock callipers grip the front twin brake discs.

Top 10 Electric Bikes in USA 2022

NamePriceHorse PowerBattery SizeRangeCharging TimeTop Speed
Energica Ego+ $25,31017013.4-21.5 kWh100-143 miles city/highway combined.L2(240V): 3.5-6 hrs
DC Fast: 80% in 40 min
150 mph
Arc Vector$117,00013316.8kWh270 miles combined40 minutes (Fast charging available through a CCS DC Charger.)124 mph
Damon Hyperfighter$19,000 to $35,00020020kWh146 miles45 minutes(80% capacity)170 mph
Lightning LS-218$38,888 to $46,88820012kWh120 miles2 hours218 mph
Tarform Luna $24,0005510kWh120 miles50 minutes (80%)120 mph
Evoke 6061 $24,00016025kWh292 miles15 minutes (80%)142 mph
Super Soco TC $5,250~445 Ah (2.7 kWh) 60 miles7-8 hours for full charge45 mph
Axxis LiionPrice not announced13412kWh155 miles150 minutes124 mph
Zero SR/F$20,09511014.4 kWh 100-160 miles1 hour for 95%124 mph
Harley-Davidson LiveWire$21,99910015.5kWh 146 miles8 hours95 mph

Go through the features of all the bikes and make your choice.  Wish you a happy and safe E-motorbike ride!

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