Best hybrid bikes USA

Best hybrid bikes USA

Most adaptable bicycles on the market, hybrid bikes—also known as fitness bikes—are made primarily for newbies and leisure riders. They are a great choice for commuting, city riding, and weekend pleasure riding.

The If you are new to the world of bikes, we suggest that you test out a few different types to see which suits you best. A competent bicycle store will frequently allow you to test a bike before you buy it and will make sure you leave with a bike that suits you. Additionally, you should look at our guides to road bike sizes and women’s bike sizing.

The Best Hybrid Bikes in 2022

1.Canyon Commuter 7

  • £1,749 / $1,699 / AU$2,649 as tested
  • One of the best thought-out commuter bikes
  • Dynamo lights and mudguards
  • Gates belt drive


The Canyon Commuter 7 has every feature a hybrid bike could possibly have.

You won’t ever be caught off guard because the bike is completely equipped with mudguards, a rack, a bell, and lights driven by a Shimano dynamo hub.

The bike is also given careful thought. For a bike that will likely be used in the winter, internal wiring keeps cables and tubing out of the way. A one-piece bar and stem also looks nice and eliminates the need for bolts. Additionally, the Gates belt drive requires less upkeep and leaves no greasy stains on your clothes.

The Commuter 7 does not let you down either when it comes to the ride. The 11-speed rear hub has a large gear range and the handling is excellent for commuting.

The Commuter 7 weighs 13kg, which is not a lot of weight even though some riders might prefer a lighter design.

2.Cannondale Treadwell EQ

  • £849 as tested
  • The neat front rack will carry up to 10kg
  • All-weather ready
  • Quirky with a fun ride

The Treadwell bicycle from Cannondale is a very cosy and useful mode of transportation. Its front rack, which can hold up to 10kg, makes it perfect for short errands like grocery trips.

If you need to carry more, there are pannier rack attachments that are elegantly integrated into the bike’s saddle clamp.

This top-of-the-line EQ model is now an older motorcycle, but the 2021 model has very comparable specifications. Shimano’s straightforward 1-9 transmission and the strong Tektro hydraulic discs make it perfect for commuter mileage.

The comfortable ride is made possible by the wide, 47mm Maxxis DTR-1 tyres, and the mudguards that surround them will prevent the worst weather from splashing back at you.

At the front wheel, Cannondale has integrated a sensor that measures speed and distance. This sensor may then communicate with a mobile app that was created in collaboration with Garmin. You can also mount your phone at the stem to serve as a bike computer if you use a suitable SP Connect case.

The Treadwell does give a genuinely enjoyable riding experience, but it’s not one to rush.

3.Carrera Subway 2

  • £350 as tested
  • Powerful hydraulic disc braking
  • Ready to accept mudguards or a rack
  • 650b wheels allow for a large tyre with lots of cushioning

The Carrera Subway 2, which is only available at Halfords and Cycle Republic stores, is a great way to move around, especially given its affordable pricing.

You’ll need to buy one used because this model has been replaced, but we’re about to test the most recent model of this bike, which has a very similar feature list and appearance to the bike you see here. In our review of the 2020 Carrera range, you can read more about the most recent Carrera Subway.

The Subway 2 has been around for a while and has developed into a pretty strong product throughout that period.

The 650b wheels have large 1.95in tyres that give extra comfort and cushioning, and the aluminum frame includes all the attachments you could possibly need to attach bottles, mudguards, and racks.

Despite being inexpensive, the bike has hydraulic disc brakes for steady and dependable stopping force. The remaining parts, while inexpensive, work nicely together to make a well-rounded package that is ideal for short city rides.

4.Cube Travel SL

  • £1,699 as tested
  • Ready to ride in any conditions with mudguards, dynamo lights and internal hub gear
  • Maintenance-free belt drive
  • Reliable hydraulic Shimano disc brakes


The Cube Travel SL is the ideal bicycle for getting from point A to point B with the least amount of hassle. It’s a blatantly practical vehicle made to get you and your belongings where they need to go.

The bicycle has lights, a dynamo hub, mudguards, and a rear rack. You can move forward and slow down again with the help of a durable hydraulic Shimano brake system, an internal hub gear, and a maintenance-free belt drive.

Sorted handling enables you to simply board and ride. Because it’s so well-equipped, the Cube Travel SL is a reliable vehicle that you’ll probably end up taking for granted.

5.Giant Escape 1 Disc

  • £699 as tested
  • Ideal for mixed-surface commutes
  • Tektro disc brakes for safe all-weather stopping power
  • Comfortable and tough 38mm tubeless tyres


Giant’s Escape 1 is a fantastic option for people who wish to commute in comfort or spend a lot of time off of smooth roads.

This is due to the fact that the Escape 1’s outstanding 38mm tubeless-ready alloy wheels and impressive aluminum frame and complete carbon fork are tubeless-ready.

With all that rubber, you can easily navigate towpaths and dirt bike paths, but you’ll pay the price in increased speed while you’re on the road.

Its hape puts you in a position where you can see everything going on around you, yet it isn’t too upright to discourage the odd sprinting effort.

Its mix-and-match Shimano gearing will provide you with any ratio you need, and its well-modulated Tektro hydraulic disc brakes will provide stopping force.

6.Marin Presidio 1

  • £465 as tested
  • Smart looks, particularly for the price
  • Hydraulic disc brakes
  • Simple 1×8 drivetrain


The Marin Presidio 1 is a commuter bike that has a stylish design, a smooth ride, and a great price.

For the budget, the aluminum frame’s quality is superb, and mounting a rack or suitable mudguards won’t provide any challenges.

Marin has even managed to specify hydraulic disc brakes, which is amazing for stopping force and control.

The Marin is a snappy steerer and a fun bike to ride because of the somewhat upright ride position and short stem.

Thanks to the front single chainring and the 8-speed (11-34) cassette, the gears are smooth and extremely easy to use.

The hard wheels and 32mm tyres prioritize comfort over pure speed while favoring durability.

7.Genesis Croix de Fer 10 Flat Bar

  • £1,000 as tested
  • Robust yet characterful frame and fork
  • Impressive versatility
  • Great ride feel


It’s actually surprising that Genesis took so long to release this flat-handlebar version of the Croix de Fer as it was one of the first road bikes created with the intention of riding off-road.

lthough it is a fantastic bike to ride and is especially adaptable, its steel frame makes it heavier than the majority of its rivals.

The flat-bar Croix de Fer offers a dynamic feel thanks to the Genesis’ butted steel chassis, especially while riding over uneven terrain.

This Genesis would make an excellent urban commuter if the stock tyres were swapped out for some fast road slicks.

8.Orbea Carpe 40

  • £519 as tested
  • Fun, fixie-inspired geometry
  • Sharp looks
  • Hydraulic disc brakes


The Carpe 40 comes close to becoming the perfect commuter, although some of its component choices do limit it significantly.

The frame is particularly enjoyable to ride thanks to its short wheelbase and strong angles, which are typical of many fixies. Thanks to Shimano hydraulic discs, it also brakes well.

For brief rides, the single chainring and 7-speed rear cassette provide the optimum gearing, but the flexy chainset bearing the Orbea name is disappointing.

The heavy, unforgivingly stiff sidewalls and steel beads of the standard-fit 38mm Kenda tyres make them heavy. These were replaced with some high-quality 35c rubber, which made this bike into what it was meant to be.

9.Ridgeback Speed

  • £500 as tested
  • Mudguards and rack as standard
  • Fun handling
  • Smart looks


Bikes at this cost that come with full mudguards, a rear rack, and a complete Shimano transmission are hard to find. Ridgeback has specified the Speed with v-brakes rather than discs in order to make that happen. While they are fine, they cannot equal the performance of hydraulic discs, especially in the wet conditions.

For what this bike is likely to be used for, the triple chainring up front and the seven gears on the cassette can be considered overkill. Additionally, the setup is somewhat noisy.

The 42mm Vee tyres roll surprisingly smoothly, although their weight is noticeable on slopes, and they occasionally run too close and scuff the mudguards.

Bolted axles are far more secure than quick-release items, but you’ll need to have a spanner on hand in case you need to fix a puncture.

Even yet, riding this bike is still enjoyable, and it also has a nice appearance.

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