SEO Link Building Strategies

SEO Link Building Strategies

Backlinks are probably familiar to you if you’ve heard of search engine optimization (SEO). Building backlinks is lauded by SEO strategists and marketers as a way to boost SEO and increase traffic.Backlinks are still crucial even though link creation is just one aspect of SEO. Having said that, getting high-quality links pointing to your website is frequently easier said than done.This comprehensive guide on SEO link building strategies 2022 includes techniques you may employ to raise traffic and search engine optimization for your website.

Link building: What is it?

Link building is the process of acquiring hyperlinks to your website (also known as “backlinks”) with the aim of enhancing its authority and visibility in organic search results. Link building benefits SEO by generating referral traffic and authority signals.

Typical link building techniques

Backlinks can be “built” in a variety of methods, which we’ll discuss further in this post. However, the following are the most widely used link building techniques:

  • Direct or email outreach
  • Content marketing
  • Blogging
  • Guest blogging
  • Creating how-to guides or tools
  • Resource pages
  • Running Public Relations campaigns
  • Fixing broken links

These are the techniques you’ll hear about most frequently in link-building guidelines. Although these methods are rather simple to comprehend, their effectiveness is highly influenced by how competitive your market, content, and business are.

Advantages of developing links for websites

By giving websites authority and relevance cues, link building is an SEO approach that assists website owners in improving their organic search ranking. A large number of high-quality backlinks contribute to Google’s perception of your website’s credibility.

Here are some reasons link building is crucial for SEO:

  1. Credibility – High-quality backlinks are essentially endorsements from relevant websites that state that the content on your website is accurate, helpful, and interesting. This improves the way search engines see your website.
  2. Rankings – A large number of backlinks from domains with high domain authority (DA) can increase your website’s keyword rankings and, as a result, its visibility in search results.
  3. Traffic – Links pointing to your website from other websites can help bring in more visitors.
  4. Revenue – Through referral traffic, backlinks may offer extra prospects for sales and revenue.
  5. Performance – Link building can help your site’s DA, keyword rankings, organic impressions, and other performance indicators perform better.
  6. Partnerships – Link building and outreach techniques can assist you in creating beneficial connections and joint ventures with other entrepreneurs and bloggers in your field.
  7. Authority – Increasing the voice and DA of your website by producing excellent content with the aim of acquiring links.
  8. Content Marketing – Link building activities frequently involve blogging, social media sharing, email marketing, etc. The sum of all of this can help your broader content marketing plan.

You should be aware of the many types of links.

SEO uses a variety of links, not all of which are “backlinks.” It’s crucial to understand the various sorts of links and how they relate to your website before you begin your link-building strategy.


Backlinks, as previously said, are links from other websites that point “back” to your website. A backlink is an example of another company linking from one of their blog articles to a page on your website.

Internal Links

Internal links are links that lead from one page or post on your website to another page or post on your website. An SEO best practices, for example, is to link from your existing blog entries to other similar blog posts on your website.

Broken Links

Broken links are links that were once pointing to an end source but have subsequently been removed or are no longer active. This frequently results in a 404 error message stating that the page cannot be found.

External links

External links are connections to other websites from your website.. An external link is created whenever you link to another website or domain, whether controlled by you or someone else.

Editorial links

Editorial links are backlinks obtained from an editorial source in which the source naturally links to your website (i.e. unpaid). Editorial links are frequently gained by creating high-quality content and/or marketing it on other channels, such as social media.

Referring Domains

The term “referring domains” refers to the number of individual domains that link to a website in typical SEO tools. This just tells which general domains are connecting to you rather than providing the amount of unique URLs. You can analyze the authority and relevancy of any domain from here.

High-quality links

You desire high quality links, which come from relevant websites with high domain authority and content quality. Search engines prefer to see popular, high-authority sites linked to you, which is often preferable than a large number of low-quality links.

Relevant links

The word “relevant links” may appear frequently in link building recommendations. While measuring relevancy is challenging, the aim is to obtain connections from relevant websites and blogs that cover issues relevant to what your firm offers. These connections effectively inform Google that a similar website finds value in your material and that it fits what customers in your market are looking for.

How to Create a Profitable Link Building Strategy

1. Analyze your website with SEO tools

SEO tools can audit your website and examine your current backlink profile. You may get a baseline of how many backlinks you already have, your domain authority (DA), how your backlinks have increased or dropped, and other key indicators here.

You can also use SEO tools to check the following:

  1. Whether or not you have any broken or lost backlinks
  2. Which domains are directing traffic to your competitors?
  3. Which pages on your website are the most frequently linked to?
  4. Whether or not your site has any spam or low-quality backlinks.
  5. Existing keyword performance and potential new keywords

Use these tools to examine your existing backlink profile and identify fresh link-building chances.

2. Know your niche

Link building is frequently associated with the creation of high-quality content that appeals to your target audience and referrers. Knowing your niche and your audience can help you come up with content ideas that will earn you links.

Consider undertaking market research to learn more about your target audience. Create a list of topics that you believe your audience would be interested in. Use SEO tools to identify keywords that your target audience is actively searching for.

Furthermore, competitor research might assist you in identifying untapped content and backlink chances. Rather than going broad, you may then focus your link building strategy on developing highly specific content, reaching out to industry-related websites, and forming connections with other players in your sector.

3. Make a webpage list.

SEO tools and manual research will assist you in identifying websites that may be a good fit for your link building strategy. If you own a travel business, for example, you might start compiling a list of additional domains in the travel industry. Consider travel blogs, travel agency websites, and travel periodicals.Once you’ve compiled a list of domains, you can start planning your outreach or content marketing approach. This could include directly emailing the websites or generating quality material that will attract them organically.

4. Write engaging content

Link building is difficult without content. High-quality content may attract people, develop links, generate views on social media, and spread online, among other things.Make sure to write blog posts and web pages that are appealing to your target audience. Among the finest practises are:

  1. Telling an engaging story to readers
  2. Providing them with a list of advice or data they won’t find anywhere else
  3. Interviews, films, and PDFs provide value.
  4. Including high-quality graphics and pictures
  5. Making your information easier to read by breaking it up into smaller chunks. 
  6. Including internal connections to pertinent pages on your website.
  7. External links to useful, trustworthy sources
  8. Practical advice, case studies, tutorials, and other resources are available.

This type of content will keep readers interested and will increase the likelihood of linking from other websites. The objective is to provide readers with greater information and a better web experience than they can obtain elsewhere on the internet.

5. Begin blogging

Blog entries are the most effective technique to build links. Blog entries not only enlighten and entertain readers, but they can also serve as a landing page for new links. Before you start writing a new blog article, you should do some research to see what topics readers (and site owners) are interested in. Examine blog post subjects relating to your business, the interests of your target audience, and industry trends using your SEO tools.Blog articles can be extremely beneficial to your website, content marketing, and social media marketing.Consider the following blog post ideas:

  1. Blog posts with “how-to” instructions
  2. Blog posts with interviews
  3. Blog entries that include embedded videos
  4. “Best of” and “Roundup” blog posts
  5. Articles and resource pages
  6. Articles by guest bloggers

Blogging is one of the most effective link-building tactics available today. You’d be shocked at how many links you can obtain simply by producing high-quality content and guest posting!

6. Share or pitch your content

While it is preferable to gain backlinks organically, it can’t hurt to give your content some traction.Share your material on social media, your email list, and elsewhere after you hit “publish.” This is an excellent technique to increase the number of people who see your material, which may result in additional backlinks.

Alternatively, you can contact other websites and ask them to read and link to your work. Just keep in mind that this may produce modest results, and other sites may want you to pay for a connection. Never pay for a backlink in this manner, as it is a sure way to get a nofollow link or spam.

What are the best link building strategies for 2022?

Link building, believe it or not, hasn’t changed all that much throughout the years.Some traditional procedures are still effective today (though, some have long been extinct). That being stated, below are some of the most effective link building tactics in use in 2022.

Backlink “hunting”

Traditionally, “hunting” for backlinks meant exploring the web for appropriate sites from which to build links. It now entails snooping on your competitors’ backlinks, thanks to modern technologies!

Search for your competitor’s domain using your preferred SEO tools. The report will most likely include an overview of their backlink profile, referring domains, number of domains, and other information.Examine the referring domains now. Make a list of domains that appear to be relevant to your website. Then, take notice of the real URL source (the page or article) and see if you have a chance to be featured in this same source.

Mend broken backlinks

Broken backlinks pointing to your site are possibly the best “low hanging fruit” for link building. These are websites that have previously connected to your site, but the original page has been removed or a technical fault has resulted in a broken link.

You can utilize SEO tools to build broken links. Then, contact the domain and politely suggest that they re-add a link to your website or otherwise make the original source live. This is sometimes a simple oversight, and they will re-add your link to the original or a new source.

Reach Contributor Status

Many individuals are aware that guest posting (posting on other relevant sites) can help you build links. However, attempting to build new connections and pitch your work to different sites can be time-consuming and discouraging. This is why achieving contributor status is critical. This entails putting in the effort to build relationships with a few essential websites for which you may write on a regular basis. This ensures a publication position and allows you to create trust, which may lead to more backlink placements. This necessitates a methodical and steady approach. Networking, providing value on forums, producing high-quality content on your own site, and attending events are all excellent strategies to try to get contributor chances. This hard work can truly pay off in the long run.

Stay on top of “best of” trends

Every day, it seems, there is a new trending topic, whether it is about international news, technology, pop culture, food, or something else. These provide possibilities to develop engaging, linkable material.Google Trends is an excellent resource for identifying and capitalizing on popular topics. Simply use a search engine to find hot subjects and then turn them into new content.

Starting with “best of” blog posts is a wonderful place to start.For example, if “blockchain” is trending, an article titled “Best Blockchain Technology You Need to Know in 2022” could be a good choice. Targeting popular topics makes your content more searchable. The use of the word “best” makes it more clickable. When it comes to developing content that attracts, engages, and earns links, this is the winning mix.

Conclusion: Link building strategies don’t stop there

The only limitation to link construction is your own imagination. There is an opportunity to exploit material to your advantage wherever it can be created.Don’t be limited by “conventional” link-building tactics. You should always be on the lookout for innovative methods to add value to your target audience and establish authority in your field. This Best SEO Link Building Strategies 2022  will help you develop profitable connections, acquire high-quality links, and attract more organic traffic.

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