Best folding bike in USA

Best folding bike in USA

The ride quality of some high-end folders is now so tuned that, unless you looked down, you’d hardly notice the difference even when compared to the greatest commuting bikes that don’t fold. Folding bikes undoubtedly have a significant part to play in society’s transition to a more environmentally friendly society, one bike ride at a time, as they are practical utility bikes that, in the majority of usage situations, may even replace a motor vehicle for city commuters. 

There are folding bikes available nowadays for everyone, whether you desire high-end or something affordable. Knowing what you may get for your money and which model may suit into your daily routine and lifestyle can frequently be rather confusing for many people looking to get a folding bike. Not to mention going into some chain bike stores, where you could get inundated with advice before you have a chance to consider what you actually want! Whether you’re buying in-person or online, it’s helpful to get a general notion first to avoid purchasing a bike that isn’t really the ideal fit for you. 

This list of the top foldable bikes ought to get people thinking about what’s available, whether it’s about what you can acquire for your desired price or even about what would suit your needs or lifestyle. In the end, it’s preferable to be prepared before spending a lot of money on a new bike. 

Check out our list of the top electric commuter bikes as well if you’d want a little assistance with speed and power on a folding bike. Here are our best selections for folding bikes without further ado…

1.Brompton C Line Explore

Best overall folding bike 

  • Easy fold
  • Classic, proven design that looks great
  • Not too heavy
  • Six gears to help with hills
  • There are much cheaper folding bikes out there

Unsurprisingly, the Brompton C Line Explore tops our list of the finest folding bikes overall. Due to its premium frames and tried-and-true design, this venerable London-based company may be quite difficult to compete with in the folding bike industry. 

The C Line Explore is a very popular option among commuters due to its impressively compact fold, which is ideal for those who frequently ride crowded trains. It weighs 12.1 kg, is fairly simple to fold after a few tries (the average Brompton user should take around 20 seconds), and is pretty easy to open. Not to mention that this model has a substantial six gears, which your legs will undoubtedly appreciate on inclines. 

It’s difficult to argue against the fact that a Brompton is one of the most attractive folding bikes money can buy. For this model, there are further nine other colour choices. Although it has no effect on the riding quality, it’s always important to express your unique style when you’re making a large two-wheeled investment.

2.Carrera Intercity Disc 9-Speed Folding Bike

Best budget folding bike 

  • Excellent spec
  • Great fun to ride
  • Impressive price
  • A bit short for riders over 6ft

Many people won’t be surprised to learn that the Carrera Intercity Disc folding bike, an exclusive to Halfords, has earned the title of our best affordable folding bike alternative. With a price of just £450, it’s also a terrific option to take into account if you’re not sure if a folding bike would work for your needs and way of life. 

This is the best folding bike for the money, but it doesn’t imply the ride is subpar. Comparatively speaking to many other foldable bikes available on the market, this specific model provides a 53-tooth chainring and a 9-speed, 11-34 cassette. Additionally, this bike weighs a very reasonable 12.5kg, which isn’t awful at all for a cheap alternative. 

The Carrera Intercity also has the advantage of being very simple to fold in half, to the proportions of 750mm x 350mm x 650mm, making it very convenient to store or transfer on public transportation. Additionally, it has disc brakes, which provide more immediate and accurate stopping power. This is obviously helpful while commuting in crowded locations and navigating around traffic and pedestrians. 

3.Tern Link C8

Best mid-priced folding bike 

  • Folds in as little as 10 seconds
  • Eight gears
  • Compatible with mudguards and integrated lighting
  • You can go cheaper

Given its affordable price tag and reputation for dependability, the Tern Link C8 earns the distinction of being the best mid-range folding bike from our collection. It’s not overly garish or loud, but it’s also not boring either. 

In addition, this offering from Tern comes in three cheerful colours and has eight gears, which is perfect for people who don’t want their gearing options to be overly limited just because they ride a folding bike. This particular choice would therefore be appropriate for traveling through slightly hillier terrain as well. 

This bike weighs a respectable 12.8kg, which is impressive for a folding bike under £1,000 and neither the lightest nor the heaviest—exactly what you’d expect from a midrange option. The Link C8 also folds down to a remarkably small and compact size, making it ideal for putting under a desk at work or bringing on trains. 

4.Montague Crosstown

Best folding bike with full-sized wheels 

  • A ‘normal’ bike that folds
  • Chunky 35mm tyres for added comfort
  • Compatible with regular 700c road bike wheels
  • Not as compact as smaller folders

Back when we reviewed foldable bikes, we chose the Montague Boston singlespeed, but after being more impressed by the geared model, we’ve chosen the more contemporary Montague Crosstown as the best option. It can be folded up impressively, weighs a decent 12.7kg, and costs a very affordable £1,099. 

It should go without saying that the Crosstown delivers a lot more stable and nippier ride than its little-wheeled competitors because of the 700c wheels, which are a normal circumference for wheels found on a road bike. So, if you’re looking for a full-sized bike that can also be folded, this is undoubtedly the one for you. 

Similarly, this practical bike has seven gears, which, combined with the larger wheels, will be sufficient for commuters. Furthermore, it folds down to proportions of 914.4mm x 711.2mm x 304.8mm, which is reasonable for a 700c wheel folding bike. 

If the 700c wheels make you wonder if a folding bike is suited for you, check our guide to the best road bikes under £3,000.

5.Riese & Müller Birdy City

Best folding bike with suspension 

  • Front and rear suspension for extra comfort
  • Rear mudguard
  • Nexus hub gears for low maintenance
  • Expensive

The Birdy City from German firm Riese & Müller has won the title of finest suspension folding bike because to its amazing front and rear suspension… yes, rear suspension on a folding bike! It’s also not too hefty given the increased weight of the suspension, at just under 13kg. 

Not only is this suspension folding bike a comfortable ride, but it’s also a touch more versatile than others on the market thanks to its 8-speed hub gear system. Both front and rear suspension will contribute to a gentler ride experience, particularly on light off-road terrain like gravel bike paths and grass, which is ideal for somewhat more adventurous commuters.Riding on light off-road terrain will be no problem with the addition of eight gears. 

Furthermore, the Birdy City may be folded into a lovely and neat size, however it does not pack down as quickly or as agilely as the Brompton. It’s still a pretty sensible size that’s also useful for folks who jump on and off public transportation every day.

6.Brompton P Line Urban 2022

Best high-end folding bike 

  • Classic easy fold
  • Excellent ride
  • 10kg weight
  • Flighty front
  • Average braking
  • More than £2.2K

If you’re looking for the original classic folding bike and have the money to spend on one of the best available, look no further than Brompton’s P Line. The P Line, which stands for ‘Performance,’ is at the top of Brompton’s recently slimmed-down product line (the other two being the entry-level A Line and the mid-range C Line) and brings “a dose of considered, performance-oriented refinement to the classic tried-and-tested folding bike icon,” according to our reviewer. 

With 1.5kg less weight than A Line bikes and a pleasant, comfortable riding quality, it’ll be impossible to know you’re on 16-inch wheels unless you look down.A titanium fork and rear triangle, together with a revised rear suspension block, has aided with weight loss while also dissipating many of the lumps and bumps you might feel underneath you when riding a folder. 

The P Line Urban isn’t cheap, but it has the performance and looks to back up its reputation as one of the best high-end folders money can buy. 

7.Dahon Mariner D8

Best easy-folding budget folding bike

  • Easy fold
  • Affordable
  • Eight gears
  • Not the most compact fold

The Dahon Mariner D8, like the previous generation Dahon Quix D8 that we reviewed in 2017, has 20 inch wheels as opposed to 16 inch on Bromptons, which means it isn’t the most compact fold on the market. If folding your bike into the smallest feasible area isn’t a requirement, the Mariner has plenty to offer at a very cheap price. 

The 20″ wheels make the ride feel more ‘natural’ than some folders with smaller wheels, and the eight gears help with slopes, with plenty at the bottom. To fold, just remove the seatpost, fold the handlebar stem, and then fold the frame at the main hinge.A magnet on the right fork grabs a steel plate on the left dropout to keep it from flapping around, and the pedals supplied fold to avoid getting hooked on you or anybody else while moving the bike. 

The 13kg weight isn’t the lightest, but for short flights of stairs and carrying on and off trains, most of us will find it doable. 

Everything you need to know about folding bikes

Is it safe to ride a folding bike? 

Because of their convenience, folding bikes are ideal for commuters and those who spend a lot of time riding around cities, on bike paths, and to the shops. Not to mention that, while being meant to fold at least in half and having smaller wheels, they provide a remarkably stable ride. 

What are the disadvantages of a folding bike? 

Although they are a practical option, the disadvantages of owning or using a folding bike include: fewer gear options than non-folding bikes, a greater price than hybrids/city cycles, and a lack of versatility. 

Is it more difficult to pedal a foldable bike? 

It is not more difficult to pedal on a folding bike; rather, the lack of gearing options means that hillier terrains are far more difficult to accomplish on a folding bike. However, if you are only riding on flat terrain, pedalling is not an issue. 

How heavy are foldable bicycles? 

A folding bike’s weight is governed by its make, model, price, size, and design. Folding bikes typically weigh between 9kg and 15kg, which can be cumbersome if you have to trek up and down stairs at the railway station on a frequent basis. 

Can you ride a foldable bike for great distances? 

Riding lengthy miles on a foldable bike shouldn’t be an issue; in fact, James Houston completed the tough Transcontinental ultra-distance cycle race on one in the summer of 2022! 

What is the proper way to fold a foldable bike? 

Even folders with a single central hinge in the frame no longer fold in half. The hinge is typically positioned and oriented so that the frame’s components nestle together to take up as little space as possible. 

More advanced folders go this a step further, with components that tuck and telescope together, allowing the folded bike to fit into places you’d never expect a bike to fit. There should be no modern folding bike that takes more than 30 seconds to fold, and with experience, you should be able to do it much faster.

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