When it comes to complexion, women are wiser than men. Not only for their face, the entire body as well. While comparing with face, your hands and toes are the most exposed to the dust & other. Well among all, taking care of hands and legs become a part of their daily regimen. Many working professionals, even home makers, prefer to take care of their skin texture. It also boosts up their confidence and energy levels. Who says no to soft, smooth hands and cleaned, well-trimmed nails? More over 90 % of the men loves touching their partner’s feet. Funny isn’t it, but sadly that’s the truth. So here’s the option called pedicure and manicure.


Wow your hands feel soft and smooth! Isn’t it feels good to get a compliment like this? Well everyone would love too.

Manicure is a process of cleaning your hands, trimming your nails, removing unwanted skin around the nail. It is fundamentally a dirt and germ free procedure. Disinfecting your nails will avoid the growth of bacteria, which can cause sickness once enters your stomach. There is a saying that, even nails have the capacity to speak for an innovative identity. And it is mandatory for some working professionals like waiters, managers, air hostess and people who works in the hospital industry.

Pretty colors along with your well curved nails matches with your beautiful clothes will definitely give you a confidence and emphasize your beauty.


“Babe, I would love to rub your feet all day”. Sound lovable isn’t it. Being loved is always what everyone wants.

Pedicure is a technic to treat your toe nails and remove dead cells in your feet’s. The skin below your feet is generally very hard in texture. There is a chance of getting infection in your heels. The dead skin forms like a layer around the heel area cause cracked heels. Results will be pain and infection over and over. Walking in bare foot leads to fungal contamination. Generally, people who often wear shoes for their work or who engage themselves in sports activity should consider about their feet wellness. Wearing shoes for prolonged period of time cause sweating inside. This indeed affects your skin. Pedicure is the remedy.


Vibrant color nail polish seen from a pretty good sandals and flats are always impressive isn’t it. Stepping out with such fabulous feet’s gives you confidence like I said earlier for manicure. So including pedicure is a one-step solution to your feet’s wellness.


  • It increases the blood circulation by giving a regular massage and also gives mobility to your joints
  • Women who works often in kitchen cleaning their dishes faces frequent broken nails. It works by promoting healthy nail by removing all the dead skins around that area.
  • It prevents your hand and feet from infections.
  • It reduces the stress. After working for all day long, getting a warm massages relieves you from stress and ease your mind.
  • It helps to keep your hand and leg, smooth, soft, even during harsh climatic conditions.
  • One of the best advantage is, it is easily available at your doorstep as well. Many parlors provide onsite services according to your convenience.


Despite of all the advantages, there are certain things we have to keep in our mind before choosing this option.

  • Choosing the right product is important. It should not damage your skin.
  • Always choose the service from some right professionals.
  • The product brand is very important, make sure they are using the right products and don’t forget to check the expiry date.
  • Using same foot rollers and nail trimmers may transmit infection from one to another. Make sure they are changed and cleaned periodically.
  • Do a patch test before choosing the product.


All the products and services are available in the markets these days. Going to parlours are good but still try accommodating some time and do it for yourself. To save travelling time and our wallets, always do self-practice. It is very easy. Here are few tips.

  • Heat water according to your convenience and transfer it in a bucket.
  • Pour a cap of Dettol/Sanitizer
  • Squeeze half a lemon
  • Add 5ml of hydrogen peroxide
  • Add a little amount of shampoo or conditioner

Soak your feet or hands for 15 minutes. And then rub using a roller or scrubber available in the markets for skin. Don’t rub harshly. Once soaked; your skin will be very soft than the way it used to be. Rubbing hard will damage your skin. Dry your feet with a towel and add a moisturizer of your choice. Always go for skin friendly & natural products. Or you can simply apply Aloe Vera or Coconut Oil and massage for 5 to 10 minutes. You can also repeat  this once in every week to balance the moisture.

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