Top 10 Sunglasses Brands In India 2022

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Top 10 Sunglasses Brands In India 2022

Ray-Ban, Oakley, Carrera, Fastrack, Polaroid, Farenheit, Armanee Exchange, IDEE, Vogue and Flying Machine are the best sunglasses brands in India.

Sunglasses are the most favorite accessories of people all over the world of all age groups.  They protect your eyes from UV and blue rays of the sun, dust, and other harmful materials in the air. They reduce glare and improve your vision and hence keep your eyes healthy.

1. Ray-Ban

top sunglasses brands india

The Best brand among the top 10 is Ray-Ban, originated in America in the 1930s. These sunglasses are available in numerous colours, styles, and shapes. This brand is a definition of fashion and is a blend of modern and classic styles. They are UV resistant and hence they protect your eyes from the sun rays and are best for driving. These light-weight glasses are comfortable to wear for long hours.

Price: Rs.8811 onwards

2. Oakley

top sunglasses brands india

This brand was established in California in the 1970s. The clubmasters, wrap-arounds, retro square designs of Oakley sunglasses makes them the best accessories that suit your attire at any occasion. The variety of lens colours, sizes, shapes, frame colours, lens materials, frame materials would surely give you a blissful shopping experience. These sunglasses can accompany you at high temperatures and also when you are engaged in heavy activities.

Rs.10341 onwards

3. Carrera

top 10 sunglasses brands in india

Carrera is an Italian brand from the Safilo Group established in the 1950s. The designs are creative and trendy. This brand offers many types of lenses, frames and shapes with UV protection aspects and cooling effect to the eyes. They are available in rectangular, square and round shapes. The unique, modern, and innovative designs of Carrera are the most favorite of the youth all around the world.

Rs.7700 onwards

4. Fastrack

top 10 sunglasses brands in india

Fastrack is the most economical brand in India. It gives you the most stylish look and grabs the attention of everyone around you! The shades, designs and features cast a spell on both the young and the old. Fastrack’s sunglasses give you the coolest feel and protect your eyes from the UV and blue rays of sun and lessen the glare due to the sunlight. They add up to the elegance of your attire.

Rs.1699 onwards

5. Polaroid

top sunglasses brands india

Polaroid Corporation is the most trusted brand of sunglasses all over the world, established in the 1930s in America. They provide comfortable vision with glare resistance. They are super cool and give you a high level of UV protection. Uncompromised quality at an affordable price makes it the best polarized sunglasses in India.

Rs.3510 onwards.

6. Farenheit

best polarized sunglasses in india

Trending and most desired European brand of sunglasses. With a vast range of colours and designs, this brand of sunglasses are of the highest quality. Clarity, comfort, cooling, glare-free vision and protection from sun rays are the major features of Farenheit.  The shades and shapes are suitable for all types of faces.

Price: Rs.1999 onwards

7. Armani Exchange

best polarized sunglasses in india

Armani Exchange was established in 1984 which is the most favorite brand of India. The elegance of this brand would surely attract the attention of all your spectators. It is a bit expensive compared to other top sunglasses brands in India but the quality would surely demand it.

Price: Rs.11100 onwards


top sunglasses brands india

IDEE Eyewear was established in 2000.  It is known for its high quality light weight material. It is the most fashionable brand of India which is available at reasonable costs. The cool, confident and stylish look make it the most seeked brand among the youth of India. The unique styles, protective features, and trendy designs suitable for all types of dresses makes it the best brand to step out with in this hot summer!

Price: Rs.1668 onwards

9. Vogue

best sunglasses brand in india

This most fashionable brand sought by people all over the world was established in 1973. It is available in the latest trendy designs at reasonable costs. These cool goggles are available in extravagant styles and especially favored by the women in India. From simple square designs to sunglasses embellished in crystals, Vogue has a choice to suit all types of faces, giving a dazzling look!

Price: Rs. 3,300 onwards

10. Flying Machine

Flying Machine

Flying Machine is India’s own brand which delights you with fashion, protection and durability at the most affordable cost. Available in a variety of colours and textures, this brand offers best choices of sunglasses that are suitable for everyday usage.

Price: Rs.879 onwards

Have you made your choice of sunglasses to enjoy this summer? Go ahead and buy your favorite one today!

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