Upcoming Electric Cars In India 2022

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Upcoming Electric Cars In India 2022

Upcoming Electric Cars in India 2022 : Mahindra eKUV100, Haima Bird Electric EV1, Tata Altroz EV, Maruti Futuro-e, Tata EVision Electric, Mini Cooper SE, Mercedes-Benz EQA, IBMW i4, BMW i3, and Mercedes-Benz EQS are the electric cars yet to be launched in India. 

In today’s modern world, pollution has become the biggest concern of society. This is mainly due to the smoke-emitting vehicles which use petroleum products. We, ourselves, have become a threat to our future society and also we are destroying the mother earth with continuous carbon monoxide emissions from our vehicles. Thanks to electric vehicles which are eco-friendly and also equally efficient as fuel based vehicles. There are 10 best Upcoming Electric Cars In India 2022

1. Mahindra eKUV100


Mahindra eKUV100

It is the cheapest eKUV with a 15.9 kWh liquid-cooled battery which delivers a range of 147km. The features allow you to set the temperature even before entering the car. It has only automatic transmission.

2. Haima Bird Electric EV1

Haima Bird Electric EV1

This is a hatchback from Haima which will be launched in 2022 in India. The silhouette is the same as that of WagonR. The all-digital infotainment system, large touchscreen, and safety kit with airbags are the special features. It contains a battery pack of 20.42 kWh with torque of 120 kmph.  The two variants are 200 km and 300 km ranges, of which the former is going to be launched initially in India.

3. Tata Altroz EV

Tata Altroz EV

Tata Altroz EV has a tweaked front end with alloy wheels which are different from standard Altroz. It has the Tata’s Ziptron powertrain as in Nexon EV. It has an IP67-rated, dust-proof, and waterproof battery pack, giving a range of 300km with one full charge.

4. Maruti Futuro-e

Maruti Futuro-e

Maruti Suzuki’s all-new electric vehicle Futuro-e will be launched anytime soon, the date or launch is not disclosed yet. It will be an electric-only vehicle but unlike other EVs, it will have a manual-only transmission.

5. Tata EVision Electric

Tata EVision Electric

Tata EVision Electric features two motors, one on each side, making it an AWD. It has both AC and DC charging, and a range between 350-420 km on a single charge. It gives a top speed of 200kmph. Cloud computing, analytics, and increased human-machine mapping are the important features.

6. Mini Cooper SE

Mini Cooper SE

Mini Cooper SE has a 184PS electric motor with a 32.6kWh battery pack. It can achieve a top speed of 150 kmph and can render 0-100 kmph within 7.3 seconds.  It gives a decent boot space of 211 L. It is an automatic-only transmission type.

7. Mercedes-Benz EQA

 Mercedes-Benz EQA

Mercedes Benz EQA is an electric SUV car with automatic transmission. It has a 66.5 kWh battery and delivers a range of 263 miles with one full charge

8. IBMW i4


It is BMW’s first electric vehicle. It will deliver 335 horsepower and a range of 300 miles, as BMW claims. The sportier version has 536 horsepower with a variation in range.

9. BMW i3

BMW i3

This is a hatchback that gives a range of 128 and 145 km. It can reach a top speed of 150kmph, reaching 100 kmph in 7.2 seconds. The BMW i3 has a boot space of 260 L with automatic-only transmission type.

10. Mercedes-Benz EQS

Mercedes-Benz EQS

This Electric car has 2 powertrains. The first is a 334 PS/458 Nm single motor setup and the second is the 523 PS/856 Nm dual-motor setup. The former has rear-wheel drive and the latter has an all-wheel drivetrain. Both give a maximum speed of 210 kmph, a battery pack of 107.8 kWh, and a range of 770 km on a single charge.

List Of Upcoming Electric Cars, Date Of Launch And Price

S. NoElectric CarsExpected date of launch Expected Price
1Mahindra eKUV100June 2022Rs. 8.25 Lakh
2Haima Bird Electric EV1Not yet announcedRs. 10 Lakh
3Tata Altroz EV
November 2022Rs. 14 Lakh
4Maruti Futuro-eNot yet announcedRs. 15 Lakh
5Tata EVision ElectricNot yet announcedRs. 25 Lakh
6Mini Cooper SEMarch 2022Rs. 50 Lakh
7Mercedes-Benz EQAMay 2022Rs. 60 Lakh
8IBMW i4August 2022Rs. 80 Lakh

Are you planning to upgrade from your petrol-vehicle to an electric vehicle?  Wait for the launching date of your favorite electric car and make it yours!

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