10 Best Ceiling Fans In India

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10 Best Ceiling Fans In India

Gorilla, Orient Electric Aeroquiet, Havels Nicola, Crompton Uranus, Usha Diplomat, Luminus Dhoom, Crompton Hill Briz, Bajaj New Bahar, Crompton HS Plus, and Superfan Super A1 are the Top 10 Best Ceiling Fans In India.

A ceiling fan is the most essential electrical appliance for each and every home. India is a country with a tropical climate and hence a ceiling fan is switched on almost the whole day. Every month, more than 2,000,000 fans are being sold out all over India. Before choosing the fan for your home or office, go through the list of best 10 ceiling fans we have sorted out for you.  We have aligned it with respect to prices, pros and cons!

Top 10 Best Ceiling Fans In India With Prices

1.Gorilla Rs. 3,070
2.Orient Electric Aeroquiet Rs. 4, 649
3.Havells Nicola Rs. 2, 895
4.Crompton UranusRs. 7, 041
5.Usha Diplomat Rs. 1999
6.Luminous DhoomRs. 1986
7.Crompton Hill BrizRs. 1,570
8.Bajaj New BaharRs. 1,595
9.Crompton HS PlusRs. 2,325
10Superfan Super A1Rs. 4,500

Pros and Cons of Best Ceiling Fan Brands In India

1. Gorilla Energy Saving Ceiling Fan

Gorilla Energy Saving Ceiling Fan

This is the best ceiling fan with remote control and BLDC motor which gives you a less electricity bill. It is manufactured by IIT Bombay Alumni.


  • No humming noise.
  • Efficient BLDC motor.
  • *It consumes very less electricity, about 28 watts even at full speed.
  • Aluminum rust proof body with 1200 MM blade size.
  • It has a remote to set a timer, control the speed and also to put the fan on sleep mode or boost mode.


  • The remote function is not up to the mark.
  • It stops working abruptly.

2. Orient Electric Aeroquiet Ceiling Fan

Orient Electric Aeroquiet Ceiling Fan

This is a premium and decorative fan with a powerful motor and Aerodynamic dynamics which gives it a superior performance.


  • Good design with efficient motor.
  • The blades are designed aerodynamically and are rust free.
  • The 8-pole heavy motor with a double ball bearing makes it a noiseless fan.
  • Contemporary design and look.


  • Expensive.
  • Consumes more power.

3. Havells Nicola Ceiling Fan

Havells Nicola Ceiling Fan

This is a fan with best looks, durability and reliability. You can choose the colours suitable for your rooms.


  • High-performing motor.
  • Steady airflow.
  • Unique design.
  • Uses 68 watts of power.
  • Robust blades with different configurations, 600 mm, 900 mm, 1200 mm and 1400 mm.


  • Consumes high power.

4. Crompton Uranus Ceiling Fan

Crompton Uranus Ceiling Fan

This is a fan from the trusted brand Crompton. It is the best fan at affordable price. It will give a royal look to your room.


  • Silent and efficient performance.
  • Consistent airflow which reaches even the corners.
  • It has a 4-speed setting option.
  • Power consumption is 72 watts.


  • You should spend extra money for the bulbs.
  • High power consumption.

5. Usha Diplomat Ceiling Fan

Usha Diplomat Ceiling Fan,

This fan is from the most popular and trusted brand Usha. It is a very economical and durable brand.


  • Three-blade classic design fan with blades placed at a high lift angle.
  • Performs well even with voltage.
  • Four-speed settings.
  • Consumes power of 74 watts.


  • Consumes more power.

6. Luminous Dhoom

Luminous DhoomBest selling designer fan at affordable cost. A good combination of best price, looks, and performance.


  • Simple design, economical cost and best performance.
  • Aerodynamically designed blades.
  • Performs well even at low voltage.
  • Good airflow.


  • Consumes more electricity.

7. Crompton Hill Briz Ceiling Fan

Crompton Hill Briz Ceiling Fan

This is a fan from Crompton Brand which is affordable and durable.  It is not a designer fan but gives high performance.


  • High performing 370 RPM double ball bearing motor.
  • Even and wide distribution of air at a consistent speed.
  • Three smooth tip aluminum blades.
  • Sweep of 1200 mm.
  • Power consumption is 75 watts.


  • High power consumption.

8. Bajaj New Bahar Ceiling Fan

Bajaj New Bahar Ceiling Fan

This fan is from the Bajaj company which has superior style, performance and affordability. It has a variety of premium designs.


  • Even and consistent air delivery and speed.
  • Powerful quick start torque mechanism.
  • Rust-free, powder-coated blades.
  • Consumes a power of 73 watts.
  • Lightweight and noiseless.


  • High power consumption.

9. Crompton HS Plus Ceiling Fan

Crompton HS Plus Ceiling Fan

This fan is best for power saving but is available at an affordable cost. A simple design and look and low power consumption makes it the best ceiling fan in India.


  • Durable fan with rust-free blades.
  • Good air circulation.
  • Double ball-bearing motor with a 320 RPM power.
  • Performs well at low voltage


  • Speed is not satisfactory.

10. Superfan Super A1

Superfan Super A1

This fan has a stylish look and excellent performance level. The aerodynamic design with  powerful BLDC motor gives excellent performance.


  • Power consumption of only 35 watts.
  • Remote control with good controlling speeds.
  • Blades are of contrasting colours.
  • Five-year warranty.


  • Unknown brand.

Buy the ceiling fan that best suits your requirements. With a little maintenance, you can surely enjoy the great performance of your favourite ceiling fan and enjoy the cool breeze throughout the year! 

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